Property Management Company in Aurora Can Help You Find a Great Tenant

Property Management Company in Aurora Can Help You Find a Great Tenant

If you have a vacancy in a property rental unit you own in Aurora Colorado, then you know how important it is to fill it quickly.

But in the rush to get a tenant for your Colorado property, many landlords don’t take the time to properly screen potential tenants.

Legacy Properties-PM, a property management company serving Denver and Aurora Colorado can help you find a great tenant.

A quality tenant is half the battle in the life of an investment property owner. If you find the right person, you won’t have to worry about chasing down rent every month, or ridiculous maintenance requests at all hours of the day and night. You can rest assured that your house, condo, or townhouse will be taken care of, and the person will abide by the terms of the lease.

When you hire a property manager, they have a thorough screening process that will help you find the right person. Credit and criminal background checks will give you peace of mind, and employment verification ensures the renter has the means to pay the rent each month. We also check with previous landlords to see how they felt about the person as a tenant. When we’ve gathered all the information, we rate applicants on a 100 point scale to find you the best tenant for your property.

In addition to finding a great tenant, we do the work ahead of time to make sure you have plenty of applicants to work with. Advertising the property and showing it to interested parties is also part of our service. After we find someone, we take care of the leasing paperwork, collect rent each month, and take care of maintenance needs.

When you hire Legacy Properties-PM, a property management company, you not only have better tenants, but you bring on a partner that has your best interests in mind.

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